The Extemp Prep Room is in Le Chantecleer, which is in the top story of the Regency Tower. Take the elevator up to the 9th floor. Le Chantecleer is to your left.

All Extempers must attend the mandatory Extemp student orientation in the Extemp Prep Room taking place Wednesdday at 8:30 AM.

  • Extemp will be a Pattern A speech event.
  • Extemp Prep will always begin 15 minutes before the scheduled Pattern A speech round.


1. Extemp has priority! If you are in other speech events in this pattern, be sure you schedule your time so you do not miss your draw time. The times are fixed and if you are late to the prep room, your prep time is shortened. Speaker positions cannot be switched or changed.
2. Once you are given your question, do not discuss your topic with other students.
3. Time remaining for each speaker will be announced at 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 2 minutes.
4. The prep room we were going to use had numerous power outlets for those doing electronic extemp preparation. The one at Town & Country is limited, so make sure that your laptops are charged. Extemp boxes will also be allowed. Please refer to the Stoa electronic extemp guidelines at http://www.stoausa.org/speech-events/limited-preparation-speeches/ext
5. Your club boxes and computers should be labeled with your name, your club name, and a contact number.
6. Use only the extemp box from your club. If you have made arrangements to use another club's box, get written permission from that coach.
7. If you have time before your draw time, you may want to find where your speaking location is so you won't get lost or be late.
8. Once you have finished your prep, you are free to practice your speech quietly in the prep room, or you may leave and practice outside.
9. Once you leave the prep room, and before you present your speech, you are not to discuss your topic with anyone - not parents, siblings, coaches, other students.
10. Once you have finished your speech, you may come back to the prep room to clean up the articles (unless you already did so before your speech.)
11. Be sure to arrange for someone in your club to take the computers or boxes out of the prep room once you have finished all your rounds.

Liability - Please read carefully
1. Students must accept full responsibility for the safety and security of their electronic devices for the duration of the tournament.
2. Tournament staff are not responsible for the devices at any time.
3. All electronic devices should be clearly labeled with the participants name and contact information.

Again, we highly recommend that your device is fully charged and independent!