There will be two ways you can submit scripts this year at NITOC 2014.


We will have script submission tables in NITOC Central between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Sunday, May 18. The tables will resume again on Monday at 10:00 AM and close at 1:00 PM.

If you are competing in Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Open Interpretation, Storytelling, or Broadcasting, please bring one of these appropriate completed forms for each speech to the script submission tables:

Duo Interpretation Submission Forms
Interpretation Submission Forms
Storytelling Submission Forms
Broadcasting Commercial Form

If you are giving an Expository, Persuasive, or Original Oratory speech, please bring this completed form for each speech to the script submission tables:

Platform Submission Forms


The same forms and formats are required for scripts submitted electronically and those submitted at the tournament. Please note that Script Submission forms will need to be signed, then scanned and sent electronically. After script approval, you will print your approval email, attach it to your complete script package, and then bring them both to the express script submission table at the tournament.

The cut-off for pre-tournament electronic script submission will be Saturday, May 17. No electronic scripts will be accepted after this date.

Send your completed script submission materials to Please help us by using this format in the subject line of your email: Type of Script -- Your Name.

Details & Instructions:

Please go over the checklists linked above with your coach or parent before sending us your material. Please check the current rules for script submission on the Stoa website. (

Don't transmit a script submission that is missing anything, including your physically signed script submission forms.

We have streamlined the electronic script submission process for interpretive speeches!

Interpretive scripts: All interpretive speeches will need to have the original source of the material photocopied and scanned (and sent together with your script) in order to file electronically. Please send the scanned photocopies using the lowest resolution possible,OR, New Option, you can send us everything except the photocopies and receive a provisional approval. The only photocopies we need pre-tournament are the title and copyright pages. The provisional approval email should be attached to the script (including your photocopies) and brought to the Express Script submission table at the tournament.

Platform speeches: We recommend that you check to help you prepare your source page.

If your initial script submission needs to be changed or is incomplete, we will tell you what it needs to be approved. You will be sent an email notifying you if your script submission has been approved or unapproved. Print and save your approved script email---attach it to your script and bring them both to the tournament.

Storytelling: Since only the submission form is required, you can bring this straight to the Express Script Submission Table. Just make sure everything is filled out correctly.

Broadcasting: Same arrangement with your commercial submission form as with Storytelling.

Approved pre-tournament scripts will still need to be brought to the tournament. Bring your script submission materials (with the “approved script” email attached) to the Express Script Submission table. Whether or not your script is approved electronically, you must submit your entire script package at the tournament. There must be a hard copy of all entries on site during the tournament.
If we are unable to approve or check your electronic script submission because of time constraints, we will notify you and you will need to bring your materials to the standard script submission table at the tournament.
Important: if you make any changes to your script after pre-tournament electronic submission has closed, you will need to have your script re-approved at the standard submission tables.