Family Tournament Check-In


SUNDAY, MAY 18 - 7:15PM - 9:00PM - Mandatory for Parli competitors/Open to all
Daybreak Church
6515 Ambrosia Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011
This church has an evening service and has kindly requested that we not arrive prior to 7:15PM.

MONDAY, MAY 19 - 10:00AM - 2:00PM - ALL Remaining Competitors
North Coast Calvary Chapel
1330 Poinsettia Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011
(Please don't confuse this location with North Coast Church in nearby Vista.)

When you are at one of the churches assisting us with modified locations and checking in at the registration table, any responsible member of the family can do the actual picking up of the tournament information packet. There won't be separate competitor and parent judge check-in locations. We do ask that the person picking up the package be someone who can confirm that all the events we have listed for your competitors are accurate. (Take a look at the lists on the Competitors by Event tab on the left to see if our information matches yours.) Likewise, as you check in, we need to verify the cellphone numbers for every eligible on-property parent and alumni judge in your party. We recommend that the person who is checking in have a list of the phone numbers that they can hand to our happy registration table team.

Inside the packet there are very important materials for the competitors and parents, including:

  • Stoa NITOC 2014 program
  • Competitor name "tents" for debaters
  • Competitor name tag
  • Competitor lapel mini-medal pin
  • Parent name tags with ID number
  • "Dance cards"
  • Cards for Vendor Partner check-ins
  • Parent Staff pen

What is this ID number on the parent name tags? Several tournaments have begun giving parents a number that speeds things up at ballot push and gives you credit for judging. The individual numbers will consist of the "tab language" four-letter name of your club, plus a three-digit number, plus the first three letters of your first name. For instance, a parent named Joseph from a club known as Elephants would have a number that might look like: EPHT-092-JOS.

Every parent is part of the NITOC 2014 staff as a judge. It's the most important role around, because a tournament without judges is a tour-na-not. As a thank you for taking on the staff position of being a judge, we will be including this nifty NITOC Staff pen in your check-in package to express our appreciation!